Bulka was an alien who resided on Earth-5391, a universe where advancements in space travel and exploration boomed in the late 20th Century. His origins and background are unknown.

By the year 2075, Bulka was a spy working with the human woman named Comet. They sought to infiltrate the Space Sentinels organization by having Bulka take the place of Captain Speed Carter. To this end, they hypnotized his lover Stellar Stone, and friends Johnny Day and Crash Morgan with orders to kill Speed. When Speed survived their attempts, they captured him instead. With Bulka disguising himself as Speed, they took the real Carter and his friends into space to eliminate them. However, Stellar -- able to tell the difference between Speed and his impostor, tricked Comet into killing Bulka. Unwilling to be captured, Comet then jumped out of the ship's airlock, dying in the vacuum of space.[1]


Laser pistol

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