Bull Murdock was a notorious mob boss that was active in the 1940s. In the summer of 1942, while attempting to come up with a new racket to exploit, Murdock was approached by the mysterious Mr. Z who offered the opportunity they were looking for: Cashing in on the life insurance claims of the city's wealthy. Mr. Z, who was really insurance broker W.C. Tuttle, provided Murdock and his gang the information on high paying insurance customers. Bull and his men then paid a visit to the homes of these wealthy people and forced them to sign over Bull as the beneficiary (under an alias of John Jones). They then murdered the wealthy man or woman and cashed in their insurance policy.

This plot attracted the attention of the Terror who purchased a life insurance policy after a clash with Murdock's men. This led Bull and his minions into a trap, putting them in another battle with the Terror. Getting the upper hand, Murdock ordered the Terror's unconscious body be tossed in the fireplace unaware that the flames would revitalize the hero. Revived, the Terror easily bested Murdock and his men, unmasked Mr. Z, and turned the entire bunch over to the authorities.[1]

Bull Murdock's fate is unknown.




Bull Murdock was armed with a pistol.

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