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  • Earth-9602
    • Apokolips
      • Armaghetto
      • Tomb of Orion
  • New Asgard



Synopsis for "Final Thrust"

Diana and Trevor are battling against the Hand. After the remaining members flee Diana reminds Trevor that they were supposed to leave some of them alive for questioning that would lead to their kidnapped child, Ryan Castaglione.

They know they are running into a trap and soon that trap is set. Monarch meets them and uses a Boom Tube to force them to Apokolips. Trevor goes to find some weapons and Diana goes to the orphanage to try to find her child where she is met by Big Titania. In desperation, Diana floors Titania only to find herself surrounded by the Female Furies.

Meanwhile, Trevor ambushes some Parademons and enters the tomb of an old friend. Inside the sarcophagus Trevor finds what he is looking for.

Diana captured is met by Thanoseid who wants the location to the Infinity Links. Diana tells him they were destroyed but he does not believe her. He demands the truth or her son is to be killed. Just then Trevor shouts out to Thanoseid he bursts in with Orion's Astro Force gear. He catches them by surprise and they both attack. Soon, Big Titania realizes she is on the wrong side and turns on the Furies.

Granny Harkness then gives Diana the choice to give up her child or embrace death. Thanoseid becomes angry and decides to end this with his Omega Beams. But Diana realizes Thanoseid's plot. His Omega Beams also bend space and time and after looking in his eyes she realizes that Kanto is really their son, sent back in time and raised by Thanoseid to replace Orion.

Using his beams Thanoseid send Titania and Kanto to New Asgard where they are met by Highfather Odin. When Kanto asks where his parent are Odin tells them they are where they belong. Back on Earth, Diana and Trevor know they have saved their son and their love is rekindled.

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