Bullseye was one of the prisoners of Prelate Mikhail Rasputin. He had preoccupation for targets, earning him the name Bullseye. His full name is lost to memory. After being released, he picked a machine gun, and each of his shots hit an enemy target. He led the revolting humans to a tower guarding an airstrip. Although they were at first unsuccessful, Sue Storm and Ben Grimm did an aerial strike on the tower top, allowing Bullseye and the humans to take the tower.[1]


Seemingly those of Bullseye (Lester) of Earth-616.


He carries a machine gun

Bullseye's predominantly purple attire greatly resembles Hawkeye's costume, likely because, as a hero with marksmanship skills rather than a villain, this version of Bullseye is more like Hawkeye than he is his 616 counterpart.

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