Quote1 I have waited 41 years, 7 months and 26 days for the chance to kill another super hero. Please have the courtesy to not make me wait any longer. Quote2
-- Bullseye src

Bullseye was one of the many villains involved in the death of all the super-heroes. Decades later, he was sent out to find the killer of the Madrox Gang and set out to track down Hawkeye. [1] He tracked down Jebediah Hammer and killed him to obtain information that lead him to Hammer Falls, where he met with Ashley Barton before receiving Intel that Hawkeye was close by in Eye Candy.[2] Heading there, he cut the Watcher's eye out of the Orb to receive more intel, and got a call from Red Skull who told him to stand down, which Bullseye declined to do.[3] In retaliation, Red Skull placed a bounty on his head, and when Bullseye tracked down Hawkeye and was about to take the killshot, he was confronted by the Killer Kravinoffs. He had to kill them, but this allowed Hawkeye to escape his firing range.[4]

He traveled to Claire Temple to receive medical treatment and wanted to know if she could remove his Deathlok tracking chip, but she was unable to. Bullseye knew who could, but was attacked by the Red Skull's men. He managed to kill them all and left a message with Taskmaster that he would do the same to any who came after him.[5] Red Skull then deployed the Winter Soldier but after a short battle, Bullseye killed him and continued tracking down Hawkeye.[6]

Bullseye tracked them down and Songbird and Hawkeye fought with him with SOngbird sacrificing her life, allowing Hawkeye to escape[7] He followed them to the Canada and found them at the Weapon X Facility

They tracked down Baron Zemo to a Weapon X Facility and he had to face a Super-Soldier Serum enhanced soldier before he and Kate split up with Hawkeye wanting vengeance while Kate wanting to save the scientists. He found Baron Zemo, who after decades had become wheelchair bound and frail, he killed him but realized he had been foolish to seek revenge and went to find Kate. He found her but was confronted by Avalanche who used his pwers to speed up his glaucoma, blinding him.[8]

Just after escaping the destroyed Weapon X Facility, they were both confronted by Bullseye who captured Kate and threatend to kill her. This allowed her to line up Hakweyes aim with the sound of a beacon and finally killed Bullseye.[9]


Seemingly those of the Lester of Earth-616.

  • The illusionary Bullseye that was killed by Wolverine actually turned out to be Jubilee.[10]

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