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Quote1 It's what you want, you idiot. It's what you need. You need your guilt to keep you going. You thrive on guilt. You wallow in it! Quote2
—The Burglar, the eternal Spider-Man's nightmare.[src]


The Most Vile Murder[]

Dutch Mallone and Burglar (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 200 001

The first conviction of the Burglar

While in prison, Carradine shared a cell with the infamous gangster Dutch Mallone. Due to his insomnia, he managed to overhear Mallone talking in his sleep about a house and the treasure hidden within it. the Burglar got out of prison shortly after Mallone died in his cell. Once outside, he discovered the location of the house Dutch Mallone had spoken of.[4]

Some time later, the Burglar robbed a television studio in Manhattan. At his escape he encountered Spider-Man, who didn't stop him, allowing him to escape via the elevator. A few days later, He finally burglarized the Parker household. He attempted to take May Parker as guidance but her husband Ben Parker intervened. The Burglar shot Ben and fled the scene. When he hid from the police in a warehouse, he was caught by Spider-Man. The web-slinger recognized him and turned him over to the police.[5]

The Return of the Burglar[]

Several years later, Carradine returned and learned that May had moved and was renting out her old house. He rented the house[6] and spent the following weeks dismantling it, but he couldn't find the treasure. The Burglar visited Dr. Ludwig Rinehart at the Restwell residence to threaten him.[7] Though initially opposed to helping, Rinehart eventually agreed, and they both planned how to get rid of May's nephew to know more about the treasure.[8] Rinehart successfully faked May Parker's death and convinced Peter Parker of his aunt's demise.[9] However, the Burglar refused to give him his share of the treasure, and Rinehart revealed himself as the villain Mysterio. Mysterio kept him in the basement alongside May,[10] continuing to torment him for more information about the treasure. Upon his refusal, Mysterio investigated the house on his own and later subdued Spider-Man enough to temporarily strip him of his powers.[11]

Peter Parker and Burglar (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 200 001

The death of the Burglar

The Burglar eventually broke free and sought out Peter Parker at his apartment. They struggled until Peter was knocked out and the Burglar took him to a warehouse. When Peter woke up, the Burglar told his story and then struck him to extract information. Seeing Parker's refusal, he returned to the residence. He was intercepted on his way by Spider-Man. the Burglar shot him and took May to the warehouse. Before he could harm May at the warehouse, the wall-crawler returned, and they began to fight. In the midst of the battle, Spidey revealed his identity, shocking the Burglar. Carradine tried to escape but suffered a sudden heart attack that ended his life. Spider-Man convinces May and manages to take her to the hospital.

As Peter, he talked with his aunt and learned that the Dutch Mallone's treasure had been eaten by termites many years ago.[4]


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Mental Instability: The Burglar exhibited highly erratic behavior when someone opposed him, to the extent of furiously lashing out at others. He also mentions that doctors allegedly diagnosed him as such.[8]

Heart Problems: The Burglar revealed that he suffered from heart problems, which caused the sudden attack that took his life. [4]



Handgun: The Burglar normally carried an ordinary handgun.

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