The past history of the Burglar of Earth-78227 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, in this reality, the radioactive spider bit Betty Brant and at the urging of Peter Parker, she became the costumed Spider-Girl and fought crime, while the couple cashed in on selling the pictures to the Daily Bugle.

The Burglar robbed the payroll of a wrestling arena much like he would on Earth-616, however this time both Peter and Spider-Girl had the opportunity to stop him on the street. With Spider-Girl out of webbing, they allowed the crook to get away, telling the guard on duty that it was none of their business. Fate would say otherwise, as the Burglar soon traveled to the Parker home and shot Peter's uncle Ben before fleeing and taking cover in the Acme Warehouse. Learning of Ben Parker's murder, Betty went after the killer and learned to her horror it was the main she failed to stop earlier. Even though she turned the cook over to the police, Betty decided that she could not handle the responsibility of being a hero and abandoned her identity as Spider-Girl.[1]

The Burglar's current activities are unknown.

  • It is unknown for what reason the Burglar broke into the Parker home in this reality, however it can be safely assumed that it was for the same reasons as his Earth-616 counterpart.

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