On Earth-9997, the Burglar was still the catalyst that led to the birth of Spider-Man, much as he did on Earth-616. Presumably, his history on Earth-9997 is similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart.

When Spiders Man attempted to use his illusion powers against Peter Parker, Parker some how took control of Spiders Man's illusions and created his own fantasy world. This world was ideal in that his life was perfect.

However, in spite of having all of his old friends alive and well, being married to Gwen Stacy, and having the son he never had, Peter chose to keep the tragedy that gave birth to Spider-Man in this world.

When his real world daughter, May Parker (aka Venom) came into this fantasy world thinking that her father was being tortured, and walked into this fantasy world. When trying to talk her father out of leaving it, she used his memories of the burglar and the death of his Uncle Ben in order to snap him out of the illusions.

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