This unnamed burglar trespassed into the backstage of the wrestling ring where the TV show So You Want to be a Wrestler? was being filmed. A security guard tried to pursue him, but the burglar was out of his reach as soon as he reached the elevator. A contestant of the show, the Spider, could've stopped the burglar when he ran past him, but determined it wasn't his problem.[1]

New York City Police Department (Earth-TRN633) from Marvel's Spider-Man Origin Season 1 6 002

The burglar being apprehended

Later that same night, the burglar murderer Ben Parker when he was caught breaking into his house. The burglar then fled from the scene, but cornered by the police in a warehouse. The Spider soon attacked the burglar on his own, as it turned out he was the nephew of Ben Parker. While violently confronting the burglar, the Spider discovered his uncle's murderer had been the same thief he could've helped stop earlier. While the Spider was reeling from this discovery, the burglar attempted to escape terrified through the main entrance. However, as soon as he left the warehouse he was caught by the police. The burglar was subsequently sentenced 25 years to life.[2]

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