Burgundy is one of the first individuals Luke Cage encountered when he temporarily relocated to Chicago. Burgundy befriended Luke, but quickly betrayed him to his enemy Gideon Mace. Burgundy soon realized that Mace was truly evil. Burgundy mistakenly believed Mace had lost the use of his hand trying to save her husband in Vietnam. She soon learned that her husband actually died because of his participation in one of Gideon Mace's illegal raids in Southeast Asia.

Mace released a Cobalt bomb to "de-populate" the city of Chicago. Burgundy assisted Cage against Mace and his army, and the two were able to locate the bomb in time.

Cage appeared to live in Burgundy's apartment in Chicago, and the two seemed to have a romantic attachment. However, Cage was looking for his own apartment prior to returning to New York. [1] However, when Cage returned to New York City, he encountered and reconnected with his old girlfriend Claire Temple and also quickly connected with Harmony Young.

It appears that Luke Cage has had no further contact with Burgundy.

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