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He was exiled from Baluur along with Blastarr, but Blastarr hid him in an undisclosed location during much of his life.

Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) and Una-Rogg had come to the Negative Zone to collect unique energy particles from a star for the Supreme Intelligence. Burstarr had been assigned to guard the star by his father and refused to let Captain Marvel collect the particles. Captain Marvel then attacked Burstarr and was having his way with him until Blastarr showed up and blindsided him.[1]

While Marvel and Blastarr fought, Burstarr harassed Una-Rogg who was observing the battle from a meteor. Unknown to her, the meteor was drifting into the sun. Burstarr made her beg for his help and still refused to save her. Una then jumped onto Burstarr's back and put a blade to his throat. She told Blastarr to either let Captain Marvel take what he needed or she would kill Burstarr. Blastarr refused to surrender and sacrifice his pride, even to save his son. Enraged, Burstarr threw off Una-Rogg and savagely attacked his father. During the melee, Marvel took what he needed and left the Negative Zone. [2]

Later, Burstarr was seen on Hala, plotting revenge with the aid of Ronan and the Supreme Intelligence.

As part of a secret alliance between the Kree and the Badoon, Burstaar was dispatched to the planet Illera, who had overthrown Badoon forces on the world Kahafan. Before Burstaar could slay the Illerans' magister, he was halted by Captain Marvel. Burstaar and Captain Marvel fought, but Burstaar was unprepared for Genis' newfound ruthlessness, and was killed when Genis snapped his neck.[3]

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