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Burt Worthington was a diamond smuggler and the brother of Warren Worthington Jr.. When he was released from prison, he was offered a second chance by his brother, but instead Burt secretly involved him in his diamond smuggling syndicate. When Warren Jr. discovered this, he threatened to inform the authorities.[2] Burt, calling himself the Dazzler, sent his agents to kill Warren[3] and subsequently kidnapped Warren's son, Warren Worthington III aka the X-Man known as Angel, as well as his girlfriend, Candy Southern.[4] He uncovered Warren III's secret identity and forced him to acquire the world's largest diamond, which he planned to use in his spatial destructor machine, with which he intended to conquer the world. Angel tricked him by replacing the diamond with a glass imitation, causing the machine to explode. The Dazzler was seemingly killed during the following fight with the Angel.[2]

He survived, however, and crafted a new plan: he seduced his brother's wife and attempted to marry and kill her in order to inherit the Worthington fortune (in standard "Hamlet" fashion). Angel and the X-Men stopped him, but it was already too late and Angel saw his mother die, poisoned by Dazzler. After that, the X-Men gave Dazzler and his accomplice Doctor Stuart to the authorities.[1]


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