The past of the man-monster known as Butch is unknown. He was found by a mobster named Brink and brought to his employer, mob leader Rickie. When Rickie refused to employ Butch, Brink decided to take control of Rickie's gang and ordered Butch to kill Rickie. With the gang under his control, Brink sent Butch out to terrorize the city, causing massive amounts of property damage, loss of life, and large thefts in the millions. Local law enforcement proved powerless against this monster.

The creature's rampages attracted the attention of the Angel who frightened Butch with his superior fighting prowess sending the monster fleeing back to his employer. That lead the Angel and the police to their location. As the police nabbed Brink and his gang, the Angel clashed with Butch, tricking the creature into ramming through a wall and falling down five stories. The impact shattered the pavement down to the subway below, apparently killing Butch.[1]


  • Superhuman Strength: Butch was able to smash through brick walls.
  • High Durability: He was impervious to harm from bullets from various calibers (hand guns, rifles, automatics) and even the explosive force of grenades.

However, a sufficient force of impact was enough to harm him and a five story plunge was sufficient to kill him.

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