The man known as the Butcher was a criminal who was active during the 1950s. He operated out of the United States and was affiliated with the so-called Crime Boss and his Crime Syndicate.

In 1953, the Human Torch resurfaced and captured the Crime Boss. Learning that his partner Toro had been turned over to the North Korea and brainwashed into assisting communists in the Korean War, the Human Torch recovered his friend and freed him from the brainwashing.

In retaliation for this attack, the Butcher kidnapped Mary Wilson. She was the daughter of John Wilson, New York City's chief of police and an ally of the Torch and Toro. The Butcher ordered the Human Torch's surrender in return for Mary's freedom. The Torch agreed to the terms and went to the location the Butcher had ordered and sealed himself in a steel coffin. The Butcher then dropped the coffin into the ocean and fled the scene.

However, Toro came to the rescue of his mentor, freeing the Torch from the casket. The pair tracked the Butcher back to his base. The Butcher attempted to flee in his helicopter but it was blown up by the Torch and Toro, killing the Butcher.


The Butcher had access to a helicopter.

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