The Buzzard was an antropomorphic possum living in Earth-8311, known as "Larval Earth". He had artificial wings he could use to fly[1].

A criminal, the Buzzard prepared an evil scheme to cheat people using counterfeit bus-transfers. Although the Buzzard believed to have planned every possible contigency, the super-hero Spider-Ham could trace the con up to him, and they started a physical conflict[1].

The Buzzard was flying during this conflict, using his artificial wings to do so. Spider-Ham grabbed the Buzzard's tail and, at that point, the combined weight of both Spider-Ham and the Buzzard was too much for the wings. The wings started to crumble, and both the Buzzard and Spider-Ham started falling towards a suburb of the city—one that Spider-Ham recognized as the living area of editor J. Jonah Jackal. The Buzzard panicked and believed that the crash would mean the death of both him and Spider-Ham[1].

Spider-Ham however used his webs to dangle at the last minute, while the Buzzard crashed against the street. The Buzzard stopped moving, although Spider-Ham noticed he was not as hurt as he was pretending to be. Nonetheless, the Buzzard remained immobile until the Police Super-Villain Squad came to arrest him[1].


The Buzzard has artificial wings that allow him to fly, but they can only carry the weight of one person: Should a second person try to fly at the same time, the wings would start to dismantle[1].

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