High Lord Byrel is a Kymellian. He is the head of the Synod, the government body of Patchworld; a planet on which the Kymellians and seven other alien races whose planets were destroyed in the past by the Annihilation formula now live together.

When Aelfyre Whitemane learned about the Snarks' attempt to get their hands on another Annihilator, designed by James Power, but was fatally injured in battle, he took Dr. Powers' four kids to the Synod to ask for their help. Upon learning about the situation, Lord Byrel decided that Dr. Power and his wife had to be killed in order to destroy the annihilation formula, since it was deemed to dangerous for anyone to have. This naturally upset the four kids, but Byrel insisted that there was no other way, no matter how much he regretted it. He also berated Aelfyre for trying to interfere on his own rather than contacting the Synod right away before dismissing the five of them so the Synod could decide the best course of action.

After Power Pack successfully stopped both the Snarks from getting their hands on the Annihilator and the Annihilator from destroying Earth, Byrel apologized to them for the behavior of both himself and the Synod. He gave them a pendant that the kids could use to contact him should they ever need his help.


Seemingly those of Byrel Whitemane (Earth-616).

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