The owner of Delmar Insurance, Byron Benjamin was the friend of Peter Spaulding, a psychologist who had befriended the controversial free-thinking android Machine Man. After Machine Man foiled the attempted theft of Delmar’s clients’ information, Benjamin took him aboard as a fraud investigator in his secret identity of Aaron Stack.

At some point, however, Benjamin was murdered and replaced by one of the shapeshifting Dire Wraiths, who used his position at Delmar to fund the creation of Rocketeer flying suits with which to battle one of their enemies, Rom the Spaceknight. After Rom teamed up with the Torpedo, a would-be super-hero using a more effective prototype flying suit, to defeat the Rocketeers, the Benjamin imposter committed suicide rather than face punishment for failure. His corpse was found by Delmar employees, and whether or not the truth behind Byron Benjamin’s death was ever uncovered is unknown.

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