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Byron Bra-dhok was born on Earth-794, in the fascist Empire of True Briton, there he was the Konsort of the sadistic Mastrex Sat-Yr-Nin. A sadist himself, Bra-Dhok seemed content, but at some point fled to Earth-616.[1] Angered, Sat-Yr-Nin sent Blitzers and the interdimensional mercenaries Gatecrasher's Technet to bring him back, but they instead brought back Captain Britain, his Earth-616 counterpart.[2] When Braddock escaped, Sat-Yr-Nin was enraged and went on a massacre which ultimately caused her fall from power. [3]

Meanwhile, Briton took Braddock's place and soon attempted to rape Betsy Braddock, who used her telepathic powers and read his mind. What she found in his mind disgusted her and she realized this man wasn't her brother. So Betsy fought back and eventually fried his brain with her psychic abilities, killing him.[2] Mastermind removed his body and disposed of his remains in an unknown manner.

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Later Mastermind, in his guise of 'Jeeves' used Bra-Dhok's uniform and fashioned a new one for Betsy when she took up the mantle of Captain Britain, when her brother went overseas.[4]


Kaptain Briton possessed superhuman strength and stamina, and enhanced reflexes and senses. These powers were derived from the friction between dimensions, focused in a matrix in the Empire of True Briton.


Byron was a skilled physicist, engineer, roboticist and acrobat

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