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Quote1 I'm going to be better. No more killing. I don't want to be him. I want to run this city with fairness, with compassion. Quote2


As a part of the mystically rewritten history of the formerly fake Mike Murdock, Butch and he grew up as friends and neighbors, with Mike even offering Butch's mother inside information to bet against his dad, Battlin' Jack, in a boxing match. Growing up, Butch remained friends with Mike and also became his accomplice in various scams.[3]

He became a henchman of the Owl who, during the meeting with Izzy Libris and on orders from his boss, killed men of the Libris crime family just to prove who was in charge of the New York underworld at the time.[4] Butch left the Owl's gang after he threatened to destroy Hell's Kitchen.[5]

Later it was revealed that Butch believes himself to be the son of Wilson Fisk, who had an affair with his mother.

After being designated as boss of Hell's Kitchen by Izzy Libris, Butch spoke with Mike about the next step in becoming the new Kingpin as Wilson Fisk's natural son.[6]


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