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Sluk was a member of the media-driven team X-Force. Sluk was present during a mission with in North Africa, where the team was battling a coup attempt by Qat-addled tribesmen. He attempted to ambush a soldier with his "creepy face things". The soldier caught him off guard and swings his mine detector, hitting a flaming tank, causing it to explode. He and the soldier were both killed.

Later, a statue of Sluk was placed in the X-Force Café of Orange County. For twenty dollars, Sluk's facial tentacles would activate, releasing a 'pleasantly mild electronic pulse'. Furthermore, fifty percent of all profits went go to Sluk's favourite charities.

However, the team-leader, Axel, shows no regret regarding to his death, judging him not as human-looking as it should be for his team.[citation needed]


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  • Tentacles: Sluk had facial tentacles that could stretch and encase the faces of others, suffocating them or ripping at their flesh.

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