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CAGE! Vol 1 1
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Quote1 How can all the heroes just disappear? This town's got loads of 'em. Web-crawlers, fire dudes, crazy mutants... and what about a brother with super-strength and skin of steel? Why haven't I disappeared? I'm a hero... somebody's got some explaining to do! Quote2
-- Luke Cage

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From the Award-Winning creator of Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Hotel Transylvania! On the mean streets of Harlem, shoes are big, shirts are large, bottoms are belled and crime is rampant! But in the heart of the city, the world's hardest-working, smack-talking, chain-wearing super hero is on the street and on the case! And his rates are reasonable! He's CAGE! and he'll save your behind. Dig it!

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