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CS-101 was a robot member of the A.I. Army. It led a strike force on an assualt at the hideout of Gears Garvin and Peter Spalding under the belief that they were reprogramming A.I.s against their will when Gears was actually providing damaged robots with spare parts. Their attack coincided with Baintronics own raid on the hideout.[1] After noticing that the humans in there were providing their robot friends cover to escape, CS-101 ordered its peers to focus their attack on the Baintronics robots. Once the Baintronics robots were dealt with, CS-101 resumed its accusation against Gears and Peter. Ralphie vouched for them, so CS-101 decided to retreat, giving him a temporary truce.[2]

When it returned to the Thirteenth Floor, CS-101 alerted Machine Man about the accusation against Gears and Spalding, and Machine Man put out a bounty on them. Gears lured Machine Man to his new hideout, and CS-101 was part of the A.I. Army strike force that visited it. Machine Man argued with Peter and Gears, and eventually left, allowing them to keep their robot sanctuary as long as they were uninvolved with the robot revolution.[3]


  • CS-101 discarded its original "slave label" and gave itself its current name. "CS" in its name stands for "combat system."[3]

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