Quote1.png "This place makes the best Chimichanga on the island. Don't even like Chimichangas all that much. I just love saying it. Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichanga. Chimichanga." Quote2.png
-- Deadpool (Wade Wilson)

Appearing in "A Murder in Paradise, Part One: Flaw & Disorder"

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Synopsis for "A Murder in Paradise, Part One: Flaw & Disorder"

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Solicit Synopsis

A MURDER IN PARADISE" Part 1 (of 2) The book that refuses to be cancelled begins a new story arc! With Cable recuperating on his island haven of Providence, who else can investigate when there is "A Murder In Paradise"--? You know who. Say it. Go ahead. Picture it. Deadpool as a detective. Interrogating the most brilliant pacifists on Earth. Monk and Columbo have nothing to fear...

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