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...if even Spider-Man could be corrupted...
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Wade Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 9 0001.jpg
Hey don't give that guy too much credit. He was gonna suck the marrow out of my bones.
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Appearing in "Enema of the State Part One: Killer Clowns"

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Synopsis for "Enema of the State Part One: Killer Clowns"

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Solicit Synopsis

Deadpool is brainwashed by the mysterious group known as THE BLACK BOX to become a mindless assassin (which, honestly, didn't take much washing). So Deadpool does what comes naturally to him -- the OPPOSITE of what's expected! But hey, where's CABLE? And what are CANNONBALL and SIRYN doing in the book?


Cable and X-Force's battle against Skornn (Earth-616) happened in X-Force Vol 2

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