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CableQuote1 For hundreds of years, mutants fought for equality, humans for survival of their species. Hundreds more as the last vestiges of humanity fought us for freedom. Hundreds more as mutants fought each other... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 But what for? Quote2
CableQuote1 for equality... for survival... for freedom... Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Sounds like an elephant walk. Quote2
CableQuote1 The snake eating its own tail. Quote2

Appearing in "Enema of the State Epilogue/Bosom Buddies Prologue: Why, Where I Was Your Age..."

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Synopsis for "Enema of the State Epilogue/Bosom Buddies Prologue: Why, Where I Was Your Age..."

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Solicit Synopsis

Ever wonder what Cable and Deadpool were like when they were impressionable, kooky young teenagers? No? Well, you're going to find out anyway. It's a very special episode of "Blossom" -- no, wait -- a very special episode of CDP, a heartwarming romp filled with tragedy, despair and self-delusion -- and, when it's done, our bosom buddies won't look at each other the same way again. Could this be the beginning of...a beautiful friendship...? Naaaah!

This stand-alone issue is an epilogue to “Enema of the State” and a prelude to “Bosom Buddies!”


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