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Quote1.png And you understand order and discipline, honor and principle... but you're a captain... and I've been a Four-Star general, head of the joint chiefs of staff, a president and a pope all rolled into one. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Living Legends"

The story is continued from last issue...

Captain America meets with a hologram of Nick Fury, who briefs him on Cable's theft of the Project: Cone of Silence prototype force field projector. Nick tells Captain America to figure out what Cable's up to, or else the government will step in. He travels to Providence, and gets a job there under the name of 'Roger Stevens'. As he begins to blending, he also starts adapting to live on Providence, and finds that he enjoys it there. He takes notes, and he also notices how withdrawn Cable is, but he confirms that Cable isn't evil. He meets with Cable, who tells him that he knew Steve had infiltrated his island four days before he arrived. He also has Cap's shield, which he refuses to hand over.

In Washington D.C. Irene Merryweather informs one of her friends that she believes in Cable, but the man says that bad things will happen if Cable screws up, and Irene begrudgingly exclaims that she may have to root for Deadpool. Meanwhile, inside the Watchtower, Aunt May walks down one of the halls at night, observed by Deadpool, who is stealthily sneaking through the building.

In Providence, Captain America suits up, and Cable explains that his sidled will survive into the future. Captain America sys they don't have to do this, but Cable replies that he wants to. Reluctantly, Cap grabs his hired and tackles Cable, and the two crash through the window and plummet into the park. Cable marvels at how Cap sed his shield to alter Cable's trajectory so casualties would be avoided, and Cap asks if they can stop this. Cable refuses, and starts using the telekinesis and telepathy he had originally had, and Cap is stunned, believing that Cable had lost those powers. He throws his shield at Cable, who easily stops it in midair and subdues Cap. He links Cap to his mind, and shares with him a memory of the future in which he is fighting against a horde of aliens with a group of soldiers, and he reveals that men fought an died to protect Cap's shield. Cap is unlinked, and Cable helps him up. The two walk off and begin talking, and Cable explains how he is still upholding Cap's ideals. He explains that he's trying to deal with threats that are a millennia away, and Cap says he doesn't disagree, but he does say that he may have to stop Cable again in the future. Cable tells him that several bugs have ben planted in Avengers Tower, and that he had an operative (Deadpool) confirm their presence there. He says he can deactivate them, but Cap thinks he's just trying to blackmail him. Cable says he isn't, and he tells Cap that he can leave anytime he wants, but that he's welcome here. Cap decides to stay for a while.

Solicit Synopsis

Our greed for knowledge recreated his telepathy. Our quest to confine him recreated his telekinesis. He has forged a paradise haven that threatens to destabilize countless governments and religions. One man wants to find out what Cable's intentions are before it's too late. Captain America guest stars in a special 25th issue story that debuts the new Cable... or is that the old Messiah?


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