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Synopsis for "Born Again, Part 1: With Eyes Closed"

In a flashback, Nathan Dayspring as the Traveler battles the Dark Rider army and then En Sabah Nur himself. The Traveler is beaten and his cybernetic arm is cut off; Nur is shocked to discover he is not entirely human. Summers uses the distraction to shoot him in the head. The Dark Riders accept him as their leader but he declines. Summers deposits Nur’s blood from his sword into Ozymandias’s hands, warning him to remember that there is always someone stronger and smarter, and that being fit to survive means having the responsibility to help those who are weaker. As he departs, Summers is unaware that Nur’s blood mingles with the techno-organic infected residue from his own severed arm. In the present, Ozymandias reflects on that day as he awaits another regeneration of his master, Apocalypse.

Three weeks ago, Deadpool is summoned to Cable’s island sanctuary in the South Pacific, in order to help locate Cable who has disappeared. Black Box is able to locate faint traces of his presence in Egypt. Deadpool and Irene Merryweather journey there to investigate.

In another flashback, Nathan Summers as the Traveler comes upon a wagon transporting alien technology to Ozymandias in China. Summers demands to know where they obtained technology from the future; Ozymandias reveals it is actually from the ancient past.

In present-day Akkaba, Deadpool and Irene enters the Sphinx and are attacked by Apocalypse’s warriors. As Deadpool fends them off, Irene penetrates deeper into the complex. She finds a miniature Sphinx within the Sphinx, and then Cable emerges from inside of it, followed by Ozymandias. Immediately the Riders bow to him and Cable asks why he should want to stop Apocalypse from returning.


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