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  • Prosh (Main story and flashback)

Synopsis for "Born Again, Part 2: With Eyes Opened"

Many years ago, Nathan Dayspring as the Traveller arrives in China to discover that Apocalypse’s base is a Celestial ship. Entering, he learns that after his assassination of En Sabah Nur several years previous, Nur's body was placed inside the ship by Ozymandias. Because Nur’s blood had mingled with the techno-organic virus in Cable’s cybernetic arm, Nur was eventually able to regenerate, and had now become essentially immortal since he could be fully regenerated from a single drop of blood. More familiar with the Celestial technology than Nur, the Traveler programs the ship to launch itself into space, even though he knows that Apocalypse will eventually return.

In the present, Cable reveals his reason for allowing the most recent regeneration of Apocalypse—he will serve as a rallying cry around which to unite the diminished remnants of mutantkind, thus ensuring their ultimate survival. Deadpool and Irene Merryweather remain skeptical of this plan, as Cable reveals to them the backstory depicted in the flashbacks. Just then the half-regenerated form of Apocalypse arises and fights Deadpool and Cable. Cable is able to overpower him due to his weakened state, but then Cable and the others leave, confident that when the time comes, they will be able to defeat him: “The world needs you to be strong, Apocalypse….It’s always helped us be stronger.” As Apocalypse enters a regeneration chamber to complete his rebirth, Ozymandias ponders how the Traveler/Cable always manages to stay one step ahead of Apocalypse.


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