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Synopsis for "Casualties of War"

Continued from last issue...

Deadpool is in a heated brawl with the Secret Avengers in Long Island in a warehouse. The team attacks him full-force, but their attack is uncoordinated, and Deadpool is able to flip Goliath into Hercules. Deadpool is able to shoot several tranquilizer cars into Falcon before he's attacked from behind by Daredevil, and from the front by Captain America. Deadpool knocks Daredevil over, and stands to face Captain America. Hercules tries to attack Deadpool again, but Cap stops him, saying that Deadpool is only doing what was expected of him. Deadpool tries to shoot Hercules and Captain America with more cars, but the darts are impervious to Hercule's invulnerable skin, and they are deflected by Captain America's shield. Cable appears, and explains that Cap can let Hercules knock Deadpool around, since he has a healing factor. Cable laments to Deadpool that they're on opposing sides on this issue, and Deadpool angrily tries to shoot him in the face. The darts bounce off of Cable and hit Deadpool, and he falls unconscious. They tie him up and leave and when he comes to, he finds that his bonds are too tight, and he sits there for a long time. Cable comeback in, and cuts him free, explaining that he went on a mission with them, and that Thor died. He teleports Deadpool to the current conflict, the White House, and they appear in the president's office, coming face-to-face with George W. Bush.

Cable warns the president's men not to shoot, Deadpool leaves to go the bathroom, and Cable and the president begin discussing the Superhuman Registration Act. Cable says he's all for it, but that it may pave the way for an actual Civl War. The president disagrees, and his men attack Cable. Cable easily dispatches them, and Deadpool comes back. He tells the president that he's a hero hunter working for the government, and the president orders him to kill Cable.

The story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

DEADPOOL vs. the RENEGADE HEROES! Can the government’s newest Superhuman Marshall buff his badge and kick some butt? And what’s CABLE up to? Well, with two countries to run, he wouldn’t have any interest whatsoever in using this whole Superhuman Registration Act for his own advantage, would he...? No, not our Cable... that would just be so... insidious...


Continuity Notes

  • Deadpool is working for the government by taking in rogue heroes as of last issue.
  • The depiction of George W. Bush as President of the United States in this story should be conisdered a topical reference per the Sliding Timescale of Earth-616.

Continuity Errors

  • Falcon appears here with the Secret Avengers, though he was not seen with them last issue.

Chronology Notes

A character's chronology is affected in this issue.


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