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Quote1 I didn't let you beat me, Wade. I mean, I shoved my sword through your chest! Truth is... You're that good. You've always been that good. Which won't even get you a cup of coffee until you figure out how to be a professional... Quote2

Appearing in ""Unfinished Business" (Part 1 of 4)"

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Synopsis for ""Unfinished Business" (Part 1 of 4)"

Deadpool is in the offices of Marvel Comics, pointing a gun at one of the employees, named Nicole. Deadpool is angry over the current tragedies he's had to deal with, and he's looking for Ralph Macchio. Nicole comforts him, Deadpool says he needs in touch with Taskmaster, but he needs to ask Ralph about it, as finding people has been difficult recently, what with Civil War going on and all that. Nicole says handling continuity of Civil War was Tom Brevoort's job, not Ralph's. With that, Deadpool goes looking through the offices for Tom. Dead pool next meets with Blind Al, hoping she can help him find Taskmaster. Deadpool and Al make up with each other over when Wade captured and held her hostage for a long period of time. Deadpool explains that his reputation as a successful mercenary is tanking, and he needs to get his rep back up. He plans to beat Taskmaster in a public fight, in the hopes that this victory will catapult him to success. She agrees with his plan, and he leaves. Deadpool next meets with Weasel, who agrees to help him with the plan. Later, a mother and her two kids are found tied up in the middle of the street by some guards transporting a prisoner in an armored truck. Two guards get out of the truck, and are quickly dispatched by Deadpool. He blows open the truck, and more guards come to of it. Deadpool takes out he last few guards, and turns to the prisoner he freed, Taskmaster. Taskmaster asks who paid Deadpool to free him, and he replies that he did this all on his own. He cuts the family free, and they run away. Deadpool explains that all he wants in return for freeing Taskmaster is for the mercenary to fight him. Taskmaster reluctantly agrees, and Deadpool takes out one of his katanas, and cuts Taskmaster's handcuffs. Taskmaster is surprised that he didn't think of doing that before, but his thoughts are interrupted when Deadpool sucker punches him in the face.

The whole thing is being monitored by Weasel, who kidnapped General Haretcourt, Wade's old army drill sergeant, along with several other esteemed generals. Weasel has them all bound to hairs, forcing them to watch the fight. Taskmaster wakes up in some old army training grounds outside of Provo, Utah. He takes out his sword and shield, and dodges an explosion. Deadpool is on a nearby rooftop, with a bazooka. Deadpool is also carrying a bo staff, and his trademark swords are strapped to his back, but his hands and feet are handcuffed together, as he figures that if he beats the best mercenary around with a handicap, it'll do even more wonders for his rep. He begins hopping along the rooftop, and jumps down to ground-level. Taskmaster sees Deadpool's handicap, and decides to use maim him and not kill him. He attacks Deadpool from behind, and Deadpool is just barely able to block the sword. The two roll across the ground, and Taskmaster begins to get annoyed by Deadpool's constant jokes. He impales Deadpool through the chest, but Deadpool slides his body the sword, closer to the hilt, which gives him the chance to deliver a solid hit to Taskmaster's jaw with the staff. Taskmaster is sent sprawling, and he pulls the sword out of Deadpool, causing blood to gush from his wound. Deadpool begins beating on Taskmaster, making fun of the fact that he copies other people's fighting skills. Deadpool suddenly jumps away, and Taskmaster recovers, but Deadpool pushes a nearby crumbling wall over on him. He evades tis, and chases Deadpool into the nearby woods. Taskmaster evades several traps set up by Deadpool in the woods, but Deadpool uses the cover of the trees to get the drop on him, and he nails him in the butt with a blow dart. He then delivers the unconscious Taskmaster to the location of Weasel and the generals. The generals are thoroughly unimpressed, and Deadpool and Weasel let them go. Taskmaster regains consciousness, and Deadpool rubs his victory in Taskmaster's face, but he laments that he actually won, as he did shove his sword straight through Deadpool's chest. He says that Deadpool is good, but that he's not a professional, and he leaves Deadpool and Weasel and heads out. Dead pool asks Weasel to unlock the cuffs, but Weasel says that he thought he had the key.

Later, in his apartment, Deadpool drinks a bottle of alcohol, and sees a news report on TV about Rhino being on the loose. Deciding that things just aren't working out as a mercenary, Deadpool decides to try being a hero inserted, and h sets off to take down Rhino.

Solicit Synopsis

DEADPOOL has decided to face the skeletons in his closet, dive deep into that dark void he calls a soul, and rattle things up a bit. First order of business: TASKMASTER. Second order of business: a knock-down drag-out BRAWL!


Continuity Notes[]

  • Deadpool's reputation is losing ground here after he was publicly beaten in a fight with Cable during the events of Civil War in Cable & Deadpool #32.

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