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Synopsis for "With Friends Like These--?"

In Benghazi, Libya, Wolverine has traced a weapons shipment there from Madripoor, and he kills a guard posted outside the port where the weapons are. He finds a tattered piece of cloth from the man's shirt, which bears the HYDRA emblem. In Barjnov, Rumekistan, Deadpool pays his respects to the deceased Cable at a statue of the hero. A person tries to sneak up on Deadpool, but the mercenary is aware of their presence. The stranger is actually Cyclops, who says he's just there paying his respects as well. He also asks Deadpool for his help. At Agency X, Deadpool explains to the agents there about how Cyclops came asking for his help, and the others ask what its about. Deadpool explains that Wolverine is on the warpath going after HYDRA, and that the X-Men want Deadpool to bring him in. They ask why the X-Men don't just get involved, and Deadpool explains that the X-Men know better than to get involved when Wolverine is on a rampage ("clawabout"). Agent X asks why Wolverine cares about any of this, and Deadpool explains that Wolverine and H.Y.D.R.A. have a bad history. Deadpool explains that he has to intercept Wolverine and stop the mutant from busting up the new HYDRA base, because his friend Weasel is still a prisoner there, and if Wolverine gets there first, Weasel will most likely be slaughtered by him, along with the rest of the soldiers at the base.

Meanwhile, at the HYDRA base, Weasel is hailed as the leader by the soldiers. He presents his new intentioned, the Penetrator, to them, and as he is asking for volunteers, he’s thrown into it. Fortunately for him, the test is successful. It's a teleportation device that works, and the soldiers are greatly pleased. Outside the base, Wolverine begins taking out guards one-by-one. Deadpool and Bob get there too, and Deadpool tries to get to Wolverine before he kills Weasel by accident. Wolverine gets inside and kills two more guards, but picks up Deadpool's scent. Outside, Deadpool uses his entire arsenal on the HYDRA soldiers, looking for Weasel. Deadpool kills most of the soldiers, and Weasel teleports next to him, in the Penetrator armor. More soldiers surround Deadpool, and he shoots them all. Deadpool and Weasel try to leave, but Deadpool accidentally shoots Bob in the leg, mistaking him for another HYDRA soldier. The three try to leave, but Bob's leg is too injured for him to run, and Wolverine catches up to them. Deadpool tries to reason with Wolverine, but he angrily slices Deadpool's head off with his claws. He turns to Bob and Weasel, and asks who's next.

The story is continued next issue...

Solicit Synopsis

One Merc With a Mouth, plus one Canucklehead, equals TWO MUCH FUN! With a long memory and a nasty mad-on, WOLVERINE is looking to stop mounting terrorist acts by HYDRA when he encounters a new mastermind behind their latest operations! But who is this new nefarious villain... and why is DEADPOOL protecting him?!!


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  • This story is reprinted in Wolverine vs. Deadpool, and at least in ebook format as part of the Deadpool vs. The Marvel Universe series.

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