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Quote1 Let's try this one more time now that I'm not in a team-up sorta mood! Quote2

Appearing in "Head Games"

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Synopsis for "Head Games"

The story is continued from last issue...

Wolverine stands over the decapitated body of Deadpool, and he prepares to kill Weasel and Bob. Bob is stunned that Wolverine cut off Deadpool's head, and he's also stunned that Deadpool is still alive. Wolverine explains that he knows Deadpool can reattach his head before the lack of oxygen kills him in 12 minutes, and he says that he only wanted Deadpool out of the way long enough to kill Weasel, who is still in the guise of HYDRA's leader, the Penetrator. Wolverine attacks Weasel, but Weasel uses the armor's teleportation technology, and he begins teleporting around, dodging Wolverine's blows. The two inadvertently kick Deadpool's head around in the altercation, but Bob picks up his head. Wolverine uses his heightened senses to figure out where Weasel will teleport next, and he slices at where Weasel will be at the exact moment he teleports, and Wolverine cuts into his armor, causing it to malfunction. Just then, more HYDRA soldiers come pouring out of the base, and Weasel teleports away. As Wolverine rips into the soldiers, Bob crawls around and finds Deadpool's head and boy, and reattaches them. Meanwhile, Weasel has teleported back inside the base, where HYDRA scientists are working on fixing the damage to the armor.

Outside, Deadpool is back in action, and he takes out his katanas and attacks Wolverine. The two begin slashing and cutting at each other in a brutal battle, and as they fight, Deadpool tries to explain to Wolverine that he hates HYDRA as much as Wolverine does, but that Weasel is his friend. Deadpool shoves one of his swords through Wolverine's shoulder, and the mutant repeatedly stabs him with his claws. Deadpool impales Wolverine with his sword again, and slashes his face with the other sword. Wolverine blocks the swords when Deadpool attacks again, and he disarms the mercenary. Without his swords, Deadpool is left open to an attack, and Wolverine drives both of his claws into Deadpool's chest. With Deadpool pinned to the wall through Wolverine's claws, he explains to Deadpool about all the proof against Weasel. Deadpool explains that he knows Weasel wouldn't work for HYDRA, but just then, Weasel comes out of the base with a horde of soldiers behind them. He suddenly teleports them all away, and informs the two that the fight is over. Wolverine lets Deadpool go, and Weasel explains to Wolverine his entire plan; he created an army of teleport harnessed HYDRA agents, and all the suits of armor had pre-set teleport coordinates to Guantanamo. He explains that he planned this all along, and Wolverine leaves, annoyed. Deadpool, Weasel, and Bob happily leave. In Rumekistan, the three meet with Cyclops, who thanks Deadpool for the help. He leaves, and Deadpool tells Bob and Weasel that it's time to go. He notes Weasel's sparking armor, but the armor suddenly activates, and teleports Deadpool and Bob away, leaving behind a very confused Weasel.

Solicit Synopsis

PART TWO of our WOLVERINE TEAM-UP!!! One of them would like to pierce HYDRA's newest sector commander with three adamantium claws. One of them would prefer to woo and soothe that commander with friendship and silicon chips. Can we all agree to disagree without turning this into a bloody, gory, intestine-spewing fight? Probably not..


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