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Quote1.png Can you send me forward to the time when I was mowing my lawn and my next door neighbor, Mrs. Nowicki, asked if I could rub lotion on her back and I ran and locked myself in the Bathroom? I'd really like a do-over on that one, please. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Eight To Save The Universe!"

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  • Earth-71246 (First appearance) (Bob/Supreme Hydra, Hydra)
  • Earth-1946 (First appearance) (Deadpool/Weapon X Reality)
  • Earth-12467 (First appearance) (Deadpool, X-Men)
  • Earth-46127 (First appearance) (Bob, Nick Fury)
  • Unknown Reality (No Job Bob)
  • Earth-71280 (First appearance) (Deadpool, Horseman of Apocalypse)
  • Earth-73446 (First appearance) (Deadpool, SHIELD)
  • Earth-97166 (First appearance) (Wade Wilson as Iron Man)
  • Earth-47052 (First appearance) (Deadpool, X-Force)




Synopsis for "Eight To Save The Universe!"

  • Synopsis not yet written

Solicit Synopsis

Since Deadpool is twice as much trouble as anyone in the Marvel Universe, the only logical people who could possibly rescue him and Bob, Agent of Hydra, from their temporal tantrum are... the FANTASTIC EIGHT?

Twice the guest stars! Twice the fun! But not twice the price! How can you say no?


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