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DeadpoolQuote1 Come to think of it, isn't the whole alien underoos thing your schtick? Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 It's a race of alien symbiotes--they bond to a host like chest hair to David Hasslefoff. Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 See, even your pithy references have been time-twisted! I'm so confused! Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 You're confused? What are you babbling about? Quote2
DeadpoolQuote1 Forget it, okay. Symbiotic-covered dinosaur. What kinda powers we looking at here? Quote2
Spider-ManQuote1 Super-speed. Strength. Agility. Indestructibility. Fire bothers them. Sonics really ring their bell. Quote2
DeapoolQuote1 Sonics? We could make them listen to the Jonas Brothers. That's pretty painful. Prob'ly the ASPCA would get on my case if I did that... Quote2

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Synopsis for "Symbiosis Mitosis"

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Solicit Synopsis

SERIES FINALE! Alien symbiotes plus dinosaurs equals what? A threat unlike anything you've ever seen! The dreaded VENOM SYMBIOTE has multiplied, and made some new friends of the prehistoric variety, giving the Merc with a Mouth his final opportunity to prove himself the ultimate hero -- or the ultimate villain! Guest staring SPIDER-MAN! The FANTASTIC FOUR! The MIGHTY AVENGERS! And of course, those lovable goons from AGENCY X!


Legacy Numbering[]


  • This was the last issue of the series, with Deadpool to get his own comic afterwards, which made sense since Cable wasn't featured in most of the later issues of this one anyway.

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