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Synopsis for "Something Sinister This Way Comes"

Sinister watches holographic displays of Cable and wonders how something that has been bred to be so perfect could be so inferior and not living to his potential. He tries to learn how he prefers to spend time with humans now and thinks maybe he is beginning to think he is human. Sinister says that he cannot sit idly by and let this continue since Cable is meant to be better than Apocalypse. He says it is time for him to act.

Cable sits in a diner in Manhattan with Kenny Kramer. Kenny is playing on his Gameboy and Cable is thinking about the recent events. He thinks about how Blaquesmith recently told him that he needs to hone his powers and that resting is not what he should be doing right now. He also thinks of Irene Merryweather recently telling him to get out in the public and to learn about those who he is supposed to be protecting. Stacey walks up with some coffee for him and sees him smiling. She mentions that he normally does not appear happy and it is good to see him this way.

Later, Cable returns to his safehouse. He thinks about how he is getting paranoid since his telepathic powers are not there recently. He goes inside and finds the lights off and Sinister standing over Irene and Blaquesmith. Sinister tells him they are merely asleep. He then tells Cable that he is there to tell him the rest of his origin and reason for being the "chosen one" to defeat Apocalypse.

Sinister says that he has been around a very long time and has been devoted to working on the Summer's bloodline to find a being powerful enough to defeat Apocalypse. He says the potential approached fruition in Cyclops but was even more in the combined powers of Jean Grey and Cyclops. Then Jean died as the Phoenix on the moon and this forced Sinister to clone her with Madelyne Pryor. He then says that he is Cable's maker by manipulating Madelyne and Cyclops to conceive him.

Sinister remembers his past with Apocalypse. Back in 1899 in England, Sinister helped awaken Apocalypse from his slumber. Apocalypse thanks him for his servitude over the years and says that out of all the servants, Sinister is the most loyal. Sinister secretly is bidding his time for the right moment to stop Apocalypse himself. He decides this is not the time and says that he lives only to serve Apocalypse. Apocalypse even offers him a normal life again and Sinister says that his life is his science.

In the present, Cable rejects Sinister's offer for help. Sinister says that he would even be able to heal Cable of his injuries as of late. He also says that Apocalypse has dispatched his four horsemen and his harbinger to attack Cable. Sinister tells him that he is wanting Cable to be forewarned of the attacks since he does not want Apocalypse to destroy his work in one swoop. Cable tells him to leave and Sinister abides by his wishes.

Cable sits on the safehouse roof and meditates. He sees visions of people in his past and wonders if the battle with Apocalypse will cost him all of them. Irene shows up and says that Sinister's effects were not long-lasting. They suddenly hear an explosion in the city. Cable takes off thinking it is the horsemen attacking and he takes off. He finds a disco aflame and helps rescue people from the fire. Afterwards, he takes a breath and is attacked by five robotic beings. They take out his psimitar and then one of them touches his neck and it knocks him down. He realizes his telekinetic power is gone and he is not able to fight them. Then, Sinister shows up and saves Cable from the attackers. He gets Cable into a submarine and they head toward the safehouse.

Sinister recalls his origin as Nathaniel Essex and Apocalypse's offer of enhancement. In 1859 he offered to enhance Essex's scientific powers and he agreed. He recently lost his wife, Rebecca and his only son, Adam. He steps into Apocalypse's machine and Apocalypse tells him that once enhanced he will need to change his name to signify the metamorphic change that has happened. Essex chose the name Sinister since that is what he had become.

In Hell's Kitchen, the robotic horsemen are holding Irene and Blaquesmith prisoner and are waiting for Cable. Cable shows up and battles the horsemen. He uses his powers to fight them one by one and then uses them to have them fight one another. He then raises the group telekinetically and Sinister walks in clapping. Cable thanks Sinister for restoring his powers and says that he telepathically scanned the attackers and found them to be the Marauders. He removes the robotic costumes and shows them for who they really are. He then gets angry that Sinister has used him and endangered his friends. He attacks Sinister and uses his powers to try to wrestle the truth from him. Sinister says he will not give in and then the T-O virus begins to manifest itself worse than it ever has before and Cable uses all his strength to pull himself together. Sinister leaves him on the ground and Cable tells him that after Apocalypse is defeated that he is coming after Sinister.

Sinister recalls his last meeting with Apocalypse. He had awakened Apocalypse from his sleep and while he slept he had injected him with the techno-organic virus that he had engineered. Apocalypse is furious but says that he saw it coming and tells Sinister to leave him and that if he ever sees him again that he will kill him. Sinister flees Apocalypse's presence.

Cable talks with Irene and Blaquesmith. Blaquesmith tells him that had he undergone further "treatment" by Sinister that he would have surely died. He is upset by this and gets up from the table. He walks over to the door and grabs his psimitar and coat and walks outside. They ask if he is going to fight Sinister and he says that he is going for a walk and going to the diner to see his friends Stacey and Kenny.


  • Sinister recalls his being trained by Apocalypse in England and his becoming Sinister through Apocalypse's enhancements.

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