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  • Director Lashniev (Death)
  • Katu's son - death of in flashback




Synopsis for "Like Lambs to the Slaughter..."

Omega Red holds the director of the Tyuratum Space Center in his clutches. He wants to get more information about the Epsilon Red project that he was a part of and what created Omega Red. The Director tells him that Epsilon Red was just a cosmonaut and Omega was a soldier. Omega says that he wants to get rid of this blood lust that is taking over his body and thinks the key is with Epsilon Red. The Director gives him a disk with all the info about Epsilon Red on it.

The Acolytes and Cable arrive at the center a few hours later. They are attacked by Russian soldiers when they land. They take out most of the soldiers and then Cable tells them that they have more important things to do. Milan finds the dead Director and reads his memories. He sees that Omega Red was there and that he got the information he was wanting. Cable asks the Acolytes what Omega Red really wants and they tell him of his plan to stop the death hungers that plague Omega. They tell him that they think that Omega will be going to space to administer the cure since it must be done in the vacuum of space.

They find a Magneto's old Arctic base and plan to teleport onto Avalon from this. They must get to the base and realize that a tachyon beam and six buoys stand in their way. They plan on taking out a buoy and someone will need to stay and keep the signal transmitting. Katu is chosen to do this due to his powers. Katu tells Cable of his past and how his family was killed and his arms dismembered by Omega Red and that he plans revenge on him. The plan goes as thought and they each make their way toward the base. Katu tells Cable to take care of Omega Red for him since he has to stay behind.

They enter the base and realize that the interior is very alien compared to the exterior. They get ready to greet Omega when he arrives. The Acolytes wonder if Omega has already arrived and Cable says that it was not possible since he would not have access to anything as fast as the machines they had to get them there. They ask then what if Omega has a teleportation device. Cable says not likely. They start to make their way further in the base and come to a locked door. Cable asks it to open and it does. He then asks for light and finds Omega Red hanging from the ceiling unconscious. Cable cannot understand how he beat them to the base and was beaten up by something. The Acolytes tell him that maybe he had access to Avalon's teleportation device. Cable takes the cue and realizes that he has been setup. He then is greeted by Colossus and several other Acolytes who seem to have laid a trap for Cable.


  • Plot by Nicieza, script by Herdling.
  • This story is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.


  • Eric Kleinstock appears in this issue even though he was killed in Uncanny X-Men #298. He does not appear in issues after this but it seems that Rusty Collins may have been who the artist intended to draw in this issue since he appears in the following issue.

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  • X-Force #25 - Cable reroutes the bodysliding program aboard Avalon so Magneto would not be able to use it.


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