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  • Paolo - Lee's 1st mate (Death)




Synopsis for "Divide and Conquer"

Cable is surrounded by Acolytes inside their Arctic base. He yells "lights off" and the lights go out. Cable uses his bionic eye to see in the dark and manages to escape from the Acolytes. Amelia tries to yell to the lights to turn back on and they do not respond. She knows that Cable realizes where he is now. Cable makes his way to the main terminal of the ship and he watches the Acolytes search for him on the monitors. Cable watches as Colossus and Amelia argue about how they are treating Cable. Colossus thought that they would not antagonize him into being an Acolyte and Amelia says that Cable cannot be persuaded by means other than violence.

Elsewhere, on the west coast of Florida, Lee Forrester readies her ship, Arcadia. She yells to her first mate, Paolo to get his nets on the ship. He starts to argue under his breath and he walks down the dock. He is suddenly pulled under the dock by a whip that grabs his ankles. His body begins to smoke and burn as he goes under the water. The unknown assailant says that each body allows him to grow stronger and he will soon go after Lee Forrester.

Meanwhile, Milan and Cargill search the halls for Cable. Milan tries to pick up on his monitor what Cable is seeing. He sees a picture of himself upside-down. He looks up and sees Cable hanging above him. Cable grabs him and takes him up into the rafters. Cargill runs across Milan's monitor and starts to yell for him but there is no answer.

The Kleinstock brothers and Unuscione are also searching for Cable. Some vines grab one of the brothers and take him into the darkness. The other brother sees the vine as it quickly disappears and he runs after his brother to save him. Unuscione realizes what Cable is up to. She puts up her shield and the walls suddenly form a fist and knock her out. She does not understand how Cable is controlling the walls. Cable says that that is what he was brought her for. The Acolytes could not enter the building and Cable was thought to be able to manipulate the techno-organic substance that the building is made out of. He walks through the wall to meet her and is met by some other Acolytes. He asks them what Omega Red is there for. Cargill explains that he is to unleash a death-spore "shield" to block out people from getting off Earth and going to Avalon. Voght appears and teleports Cable and herself to another part of the base.

Cable does not understand why she did this and she explains that the rest of the group is going crazy and that she is going to put an end to the madness since she is the leader. She says that she was for the death-spore shield but some other Acolyte would not allow this and has stopped Omega. They go in search of Omega and meet Colossus along the way. Cable tells Voght to go after Omega without him. Voght meanwhile, has found Omega and he is already starting the sequence to unleash his death spores on the world. She sees that they have less than 5 minutes to evacuate. Omega grabs her and says she will be the first to die.

Cable uses the vines of the base to grab Colossus. He starts to run by him and Colossus trips him. He breaks free of the vines and tells Cable not to judge him for joining the Acolytes. They fight and Colossus says that he has endured much due to the death of Illyana and Cable wonders if Colossus has some twisted thought that Cable had killed his sister since Stryfe, Cable's clone, unleashed the Legacy Virus that killed her. Colossus is angry that Cable brought his sister into this. Cable tells him that is why he had joined the Acolytes in the first place. Cable then grabs Colossus with the vines again. Cable then uses his powers to knock Colossus out and runs off to find Omega Red.

Cable greets Omega Red and forces him to drop Voght. They fight and Cable finally succumbs to Omega's death spores. Katu suddenly appears and says he is going to exact revenge on Omega and is going to teleport him and Omega into the vacuum of space. Katu tries to use his powers and finds that Cable is inhibiting him from carrying this out. Cable says he won't let Katu sacrifice himself. Katu says there is no other way and he then redirects his energy inward and Katu and Omega disappear in a blinding light. Cable is upset and the rest of the Acolytes appear. Cable asks Colossus if he knew about the plan to use Omega Red. He says that he is ashamed of Colossus and he walks out and Colossus watches him go off.


  • Part 3 of "The Killing Field" series
  • 3 Marvel Masterprint cards are inserted in the binding. They are cards of Chameleon, Kraven, and Spider-Man.
  • This story is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.

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