Quote1.png Curse you, woman! You are proving as hard to kill...as myself! Quote2.png
-- Senyaka

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Synopsis for "The Quick and the Dead"

Lee Forrester crouches down in her ship. She sees dead bodies of her crew mates around her and she holds a flare gun. She begins to recite a Hail Mary and then is attacked by a psionic whip. She jumps up and runs for the door. The attacker catches her with the whip and she shoots the flare at him and she is knocked overboard. She lands in the water and starts to go under. She sees a glowing eye above the surface and Cable picks her up out of the water.

Cable tells her that he picked up the distress call that she made to the X-Men and he got there first. He wants to know who she is and how she knows the X-Men. She tells him to take off and that there is no time to talk. They are then attacked by the stranger with the psionic whip. The villain is none other than Senyaka, who was thought to have been killed by Magneto. He tells them that he has come for Lee Forrester to exact revenge on the "false god" that he followed and then was betrayed by him. Senyaka tells Cable how he was picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D. members and one of them touched him and he took his lifeforce. He says he was never dead as was believed. Cable points his gun at Senyaka and Lee is surprised of Cable's reaction of violence, being that he is a member of the X-Men. Senyaka then fries his gun with his whip.

Senyaka says that he "tasted" some of Cable's essence when his whip touched his arm. Cable mocks him and Senyaka starts to attack again. Lee picks up a log and hits Senyaka over the head. Senyaka falls to the ground, unconscious. The two of them run off and Cable says that he found her by teleporting but now Senyaka knocked out his electronics so he cannot bodyslide them away from where they are. They make their way to some trees and Cable tends to his wounds. Lee hugs him for saving her life. She asks if Magneto really tried to kill his follower, Senyaka. Cable says Magneto is not the same man he used to be. Lee is upset that Magneto has turned into a monster. She says she used to love Magneto for a time and he was not that type of man. She tells Cable that he is noble just like someone she once knew. She thinks of her father and Magneto and cannot think of who he reminds her of.

Suddenly, Senyaka's whip attacks them and grabs Lee and tosses her high in the air. Senyaka turns to Cable and knocks him to the ground. He tells him that the Acolytes trained to fight Cable and found that without his guns he was powerless. Cable tells him that he is dead wrong and uses his telekinetic powers to ram some branches into Senyaka's gut. Senyaka slumps over spurting noises. Cable catches Lee as she finally falls to the ground. Lee asks if it is finally over and Cable says they are out in the middle of nowhere and only have their feet as transportation. He tells her that it's not over but that it is only just beginning.


  • Part 1 of "Fear & Loathing" series
  • This story is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.

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