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Synopsis for "A Kiss Before Dying"

Cable and Lee try to outrun a tornado that is bearing down on them. They look for shelter in the Florida Everglades. They find a more wooded area and Lee says she will take the lead and as soon as Cable is to comply he falls into some quicksand. Lee tells him to lie flat on his back and he tells her to get something to pull him out with. Cable sinks under the surface and Lee starts to cry. Then, Cable lifts himself out of the sand telekinetically. They continue on their way and find an old cabin with a light on inside. An old man appears and tells them his name is Desmond and says they need to come inside to relax.

Desmond gives them food and stokes the fireplace. He then asks Lee what fires is beneath her soul and he calls her by her proper name when she never introduced herself by that name. He then calls Cable, "Nathan" and asks what kind of holocaust he is trying to cover up. Cable stand up and demands that Desmond tell them how he knows their names. Desmond waves his fingers at Cable and Cable starts to stumble and then opens his eyes and he is having a vision of when Stryfe killed Jenskot and took his son, Tyler. Then, he remembers Tyler holding Dawnsilk prisoner and he had to shoot his own son to save her. He sees that the rest of his teammates have transformed into Sinsears. He thinks to himself that there is no hope.

Lee goes to Cable, who is mumbling about there being "no hope", and tries to snap him out of it. Then, there is another stranger entering the cabin and he introduces himself as Lucas and says that "Gramps" has an affect on people like that. Gramps tells Lucas that he did not expect him so early. Lucas suggests to have their visitors sleep. Lee agrees and tries to help up Cable and puts him in his bed. She realizes that he is already asleep and she heads off to her room.

Lee blows out her candles and gets into bed. She realizes someone is in the room next to her bed and it turns out to be her father. She screams that he is dead and he pulls out a gun and says that is correct and that it happened "just like this," and he pulls the trigger. She screams again and runs out of the room. She runs right into Cyclops and he tells her he will save her. She turns and sees Magneto here as well. He asks her if she still loves him or Cable and Lee realizes that this is not Magneto and he turns and destroys Cyclops. Lee screams and runs again and Cable is awakened by her screaming.

He runs into the room and finds Jenskot asking why Cable abandoned her. She then transforms into Mother Askani. Cable is transfixed by this but is slowly able to turn away from the visions. Cable then grabs Lee's wrist and she is afraid of him. She does not know if he is real or not, especially since she sees him transform into Stryfe. Desmond appears and Cable demands to know who he is. He transforms into D'Spayre and says that he has met Lee once before and loved her soul. D'Spayre attacks Cable and forces him to see more visions. Lee grabs D'Spayre and tries to stop him. She then turns to Cable. She fights with him to try to bring him out of it and then they kiss and Cable realizes that this is reality.

D'Spayre screams and Lucas suddenly steps forward. He says that D'Spayre has failed again. Once with Margali and this time as well. Cable and Lee do not understand, so Lucas tears off his mask and reveals that he is Belasco and he has a proposition for Cable. He calls him the son of the Goblin Queen and says they have a mutual enemy. Cable mutters, "Swell!"


  • Part 2 of "Fear & Loathing" series
  • This story is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.

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