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Synopsis for "Fear & Loathing - Part 3"

Belasco introduces himself to Lee and Cable. D'Spayre chimes in and says that he was not done with Cable and Lee. Belasco orders him to stand down and they begin to fight. Cable and Lee take this chance to try to escape. They find a staircase that leads to an open doorway. They go through and find that they are on top of an ancient building. They are not sure where they are or how they got here. Suddenly, D'Spayre crashes through a window and lands near their feet. Belasco appears and tells him that his time is up and he disappears.

Belasco tells Cable that they are at the Nexus of All Realities and that a portal has opened that may swallow the Earth. He says he will explain the reason they are there but must first tell him the events that have transpired that have caused the portal. He says that D'Spayre and himself are to blame for the portal. Belasco says that it started in Limbo, a corner of this nexus. He explains that he once ruled Limbo until Magik took it from him and overthrew his reign. He says she left S'ym in charge of Limbo and that S'ym eventually had his demon N'astirh steal babies to open a portal. He says that Cable was one of these babies.

He goes on to say that the New Mutants eventually challenged S'ym and N'astirh helped Magik defeat him. Illyana then stabbed her Soulsword into Limbo and caused all the demons to be banished. She then made a spell that would make her into a young child and would block the magic that opened the portal. N'astirh made a pact with Madelyne Pryor to sacrifice her son to open a portal that would link Limbo and Earth. He was defeated by the X-Men and then he tells them that S'ym is still trying to get this portal opened and only the son of the Goblin Queen, Cable, can stop him.

Meanwhile, Cannonball and Siryn are working on searching for Cable's whereabouts. They find that they may be able to use the computers to do a search for Cable across the space-time continuum. They find that the search turns up with nothing, meaning that Cable is currently not anywhere in the continuum. They think this can only be bad news.

Cable, Lee and Belasco make their way through the nexus. They argue along the way and Belasco grabs Cable. He says he is not one to mess with and Cable knocks him in the jaw. He then asks Belasco that if he is so powerful then why would Belasco need Cable. Belasco tries to use a spell on Cable and finds it doesn't work. He then uses Lee as leverage and casts a spell on her to begin to suffocate her unless Cable agrees to help. He agrees and Belasco lets Lee go. They again discuss why Cable is needed and then they are all teleported away. They are greeted by S'ym who mentions it has been a long time since he has seen his master, Belasco. S'ym grabs Belasco and beats him up. He tells him that they are no longer in Limbo and he is stronger than they last saw him and then throws Belasco away.

S'ym walks over to Cable and greets the son of the Goblin Queen. He says that with Cable's death the portal will be destroyed and that Madelyne once tried to do that. Cable tells him that his mother was manipulated and was made mad by the demons. S'ym tells him that Madelyne was not even real. He bends down and blows his cigar smoke at Cable's face. Cable grabs the cigar and puts it out on S'ym's face. He then punches him. Cable says that S'ym does not know who he is dealing with. They fight and Cable uses his telekinetic powers to shove a branch through S'ym. S'ym says that he is not dead and then his body disappears.

Belasco reappears and congratulates Cable. He says that Limbo and S'ym are no longer a threat. A portal opens up and starts to suck Lee into it. Cable grabs her and yells to Belasco to close the portal. After a moment he finally does and says that he will be watching Cable. Suddenly, Lee and Cable appear in the Florida Everglades again. They say their goodbyes and they bodyslide away.


  • This story is reprinted in Cable Classic Vol. 2.

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