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Quote1.png When I agreed to a night in New York, I didn't mean in the sewers. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Shadows"

In a flashback set two months in the past, the X-Men fought Mikhail Rasputin in the Morlock Tunnels. Mikhail used his power and opened the floodgates that were holding back the water from the tunnels and he intends to "save" them by drowning them. Thornn sees this and jumps into a pipe. She feels that she abandoned the Morlocks and soon finds a girl named Sarah in the tunnels. She goes to Sarah and the waters get to them. Thornn tries to hold onto Sarah but the water is too powerful and their grip is torn apart. Thornn thinks she is going to die and then finds a light at the end of the tunnel and goes towards it.

In the present, Cable and Domino get ready for their date together. Cannonball talks to Cable while he gets ready. Cable tells him that all the enemies they have fought combined were not as scary as this date. Siryn meanwhile, counsels Domino and she tells Siryn that maybe it's wrong to turn their friendship into more than that right now. Domino finally feels that if Cable takes the date as the wrong idea then he is just going to have to deal with it. Cable soon arrives and is stunned by Domino's look and they bodyslide away to the restaurant.

They arrive in Central Park and are seated. They pass the time by playing a game. Domino asks Cable, if he were stranded on a deserted island what book, music, and person would he have. He chooses, "The Art of War," "Sinatra at the Sands, 1966," and Cyclops because his father could find his way off the island. Domino is not amused and says she would bring "Alice in Wonderland," "Harrison Ford," and then Cable interrupts with "Barbara Streisand," and how Domino loves that music. She says she doesn't but Copycat did and she gets upset. There is an awkward silence as they both stare off. Cable sees a pair of eyes in the bushes and thinks it is Feral. He soon finds it is her sister, Thornn and she is not here to attack him, as she slashes at him since he attacked her.

She soon explains that she went back to the Morlock Tunnels after Masque died and then Mikhail let loose the floodgates. She asks for his help in saving them. Cable tells her the Morlocks are all dead. She says that if that is true then she is going crazy. She pleads for his help again and begins to cry. Cable and Domino soon agree and make their way into the tunnels. Thornn says that Mikhail "took" the Morlocks to a place just before they all drowned. Thornn sees Sarah off in the distance and she tells her that the Morlocks will not come out till they perform the "Ceremony of Light". Cable asks for Thornn to show them how to perform the ceremony. They all work on setting things up for the ceremony and Thornn explains that it is to represent the fact that the Morlocks will come into the light and be accepted finally by the humans above.

They finally open the manhole cover and let the light in. The light floods the tunnels and bounces off mirrors and items they have setup. They watch as the light reveals only writings by the Morlocks but they do not appear. Thornn begins to cry. Domino then sees something as does Cable. Sarah walks out and explains that the Morlocks are still too scared to reveal themselves. Thornn asks Sarah to stay with her and Sarah declines but says she will see Thornn again soon. Thornn is left alone again. Cable speaks up and offers Thornn a position on the team and Thornn says no to this. She says she must stay in the tunnels waiting on the Morlock's return and she goes off into the darkness.

Cable and Domino stare into each other's eyes and Domino says that the night was special and Cable got points for the date. Cable is upset about not even getting to eat and Domino says she is still hungry. Cable says there is a good chili dog stand outside and they head towards the surface level. Domino then says that the music she would bring would be "Nevermind the Bollocks" by the Sex Pistols and Cable is surprised.

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  • Thornn recalls how Mikhail Rasputin flooded the Morlock tunnels and she was swept away by the waters.
  • Uncanny X-Men #293 - Mikhail floods the Morlock tunnels.

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