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Appearing in "The Dark Ride, Pt. 1: The Calling"

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Synopsis for "The Dark Ride, Pt. 1: The Calling"

Foxbat runs frantically down the alleys of Alexandria, Egypt. He is running for his life. He turns and thinks he has lost his pursuers and a flash of light pushes him to the ground. The Dark Riders appear and they greet Foxbat and tell him that they are going to kill him since he has been deemed "unfit" to survive. They fight with him a little and then Lifeforce drains him of his energy and a scream goes through the alleys.

At the X-Mansion, Cable and Cyclops train in the Danger Room. Cyclops says that Cable is great with guns but that he needs to work on his telekinetic powers. Cyclops says Jean would gladly help him with this. Cable says that firepower is what wins battles and Cyclops shoots a disc into an "X" shape. He tells Cable to have his guns do that. In the control room, Jean talks to Domino and says that she would like to get to know Domino better. Domino walks off to check on breakfast. Cable walks down the hallway and runs across an old picture of the X-Men and of himself. Beast comes bounding in and states those were the good days and names Cyclops as his nickname, "Slim". Cable recognizes this same name as the man who raised him as a boy in the future. In the kitchen, Storm greets Cable and he tells her that part of the reason Domino came along with him was to tell her that the Morlocks are still alive. She says that he must take her to them.

They enter the tunnels and quickly run across some blood and the tunnels are ransacked. They hear a howl and suddenly Caliban comes crashing through a wall at them. Cable tosses him to the side and points a gun at him. He asks why they were attacked and Caliban says that he did not attack and they must run. They turn to see the Dark Riders. They say they are there for Caliban and he has been judged "unfit". They greet Cable and Gauntlet begins to attack. They each pair off and attack one another. The Dark Riders prove to not be evenly matched against their betters. Suddenly, Harddrive appears and says that the Riders were not to have engaged Cable. Harddrive then teleports them away. Cable wonders who is ordering the Dark Riders since Apocalypse is supposedly killed. He plans on using Caliban's powers to hunt them down and find out.


  • Part 1 of 3 of the "Dark Ride" story arc.

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  • Cable Vol 1 15 - Cable and Domino go into the Morlock tunnels during their date.

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