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Synopsis for "Judgment Day"

Cable and Domino are trying to barter goods with an Egyptian man. Above them Caliban chases an old Dark Rider named Tusk. He comes crashing down on the Egyptians tent and explains to Cable and all that he is running from the Dark Riders and that Tusk-prime was killed by the Riders and he was the only Tusk-ling to make it out alive. He escapes and runs across a van that flips over and towards a young boy in the road. Cable stops the van and saves Domino and the boy. Storm finally corners Tusk and he says he will take them to the Dark Riders.

They saddle up camels and head out in the desert. Storm says that she was an orphan on the streets of Cairo and Cable says he felt like an orphan as well. Caliban tries to be friendly to Domino and she gives him the cold shoulder. A sandstorm blows in and Storm says it is Hurricane's doing. Then, the Dark Riders attack the caravan. Cable takes out Barrage with a telekinetic blast and then shoots the other Riders. Storm calms the sandstorm and Gauntlet tells Hurricane that this is the second time he has failed the team and he deems him "unfit". He grabs his gun and is about to pull the trigger and Cable grabs the gun. Harddrive appears and teleports the Riders away. The team regroups and then is suddenly teleported away.

They show up and adjust to the surroundings and realize they are standing on the grounds of a massacre. Cable recalls this battle and says it is Akkaba. He says this is not when it was to have happened. He says that in the future Apocalypse, held a battle here and the scene looked like it does now. There are bodies everywhere and people hanging from buildings. He says that someone from that timeframe must have come back and recreated the battle scene in the present. Tyler appears behind them and reveals that he is the one behind the massacre.


  • Part 2 of 3 of the "Dark Ride" series

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