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Appearing in "Mired in Destiny"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • members of the Canaanite Commission on Strategic Maneuvers
    • Ms. Blue
    • Mr. Calm
    • Mr. Lake
  • Mr. Foley - death of - Tolliver's assistant




Synopsis for "Mired in Destiny"

The Clan Chosen sneak their way on the Canaanite Tinex by hitching a ride there on a sewage transport. When they arrive they meet little resistance with the guards and then enter the building. They find that the Flatliners are waiting inside for them. They tell them to surrender themselves or die.

Meanwhile, the Canaanite Commission on Strategic Maneuvers meet and discuss the Tinex and the fact that most of the members do not believe it is safe from being destroyed. General Haight guarantees the members that Cable and the Clan Chosen will try to access the Tinex and even try to use it and that they will not interfere with the groups plans on ensuring Apocalypse's rise to power. He has sent Sinsear to complete the "chronal objective" that Tolliver originally set out to do but had since defied his programming. Sinsear is also to take him out for disobeying orders.

The Flatliners stand in the way of the temporal displacement core of the Tinex. Boak uses his circuits to route a beam of energy to defeat the Flatliners. In doing this, he sacrifices himself and Cable tells them to pick up the pieces to rebuild him later. They enter the core and Hope attaches Eleven to it. She tells them that the Tinex is operational and that it has been already used.

In Juttenberg, Austria, Sinsear arrives at the door of a large castle in the year 1993. He apparently has gone back in time. He knocks at the door and a Mr. Foley answers. Sinsear asks to speak to Tolliver and Foley announces his untimely death. Sinsear does not believe him and he kills Foley.

Hope is sifting through all the temporal possibilities to try to get the right one to send Kane back to. Cable requests to speak to the Professor on Graymalkin. The computer announces that Graymalkin does not seem to exist where it once was and after a small search of the area it finally finds it. Cable announces that he is going to follow Kane into the core and go back in time to stop whoever used the Tinex last. Kane and Cable both teleport back to our time and the rest of the Clan Chosen set detonation charges and blow up the Tinex. Cable and Kane appear from their portal and find that the lights on Graymalkin seem to be out. Cable asks for the Professor and it seems that he does not answer either. Then, it is shown that Graymalkin is at the bottom of the ocean.


  • Majority of story takes place in the Earth-4935 timeline.
  • Tolliver was the 1st person to use the Tinex to go back to Earth-616 before Sinsear or Cable and Kane.

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