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Synopsis for "...Our Regularly Scheduled Program..."

Cable and Domino try to get their lives back in order since all that has happened recently. They discuss how the Legacy Virus has been made public and that Murderworld was blown up somehow and how they need to lead X-Force now that they don't have a home again. They go to look for the rest of the gang to help dig out their ship from all the rubble it's under since it was in Murderworld at the time it blew up. Caliban appears to have joined the team as well. They find the ship and Cable uses his powers and strains himself. He collapses and Jean and Caliban rush over to help. He wakes up and again orders people to do things.

The team soon makes its way back to the X-Mansion and as they land down in Westchester, Cable receives a distress call telepathically. He announces that there is a change in plans and that Blaquesmith is in trouble. He, Domino, and Caliban head to Maryland to find Blaquesmith. They find his call came from an old ship along the Maryland docks. They enter in the ship and see that the security system is on and it shoots at them. They dodge the bullets and Caliban says he has found something. They look and see Blaquesmith and he has been buried under some rubble.

They uncover him and Cable wonders who would have done this and how they found Blaquesmith. Blaquesmith wonders the same but says that they did. He starts to tinker on the computers and he tells Cable that he is glad to know Domino and Cable are still together. They see an image of who attacked Blaquesmith and it is distorted and they cannot make it out clearly. They tell Blaquesmith to keep looking for who attacked him. He says he will and that whoever it was is very smart and dangerous to come through Blaquesmith to try to get to Cable. He announces they should return to X-Force and that Caliban is now a member.

Meanwhile, on Muir Island, Rory Campbell and Moira MacTaggart discuss the announcement of the Legacy Virus to the public. She says that this is not good and tells him that her computer logs have been accessed by someone. She says that whoever did this is putting Cable in danger.


The title is taken from the standard TV apology for the interruption of a program for breaking (theoretically vital) news.

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