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Appearing in "Sanctuary"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Renee Majcomb
  • Everett Hale - hunter
  • Sergeant Walker - airport security


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Sanctuary"

Renee Majcomb sits in an airplane bathroom as it flies to JFK airport. She is trying to forge her passport so she can get to the U.S. without being spotted as a Genoshan. Inside JFK terminal, Cable and Domino read a story about a "bigfoot" roaming the Rockies. Domino seems intrigued by the story. They hear that the flight to Guadalajara is beginning to board and they hustle through the airport. They make it to the metal detectors and Cable sets it off. He laughs and says it must have been his keys. Outside, Rictor and Shatterstar arrive. Rictor is taking a flight to see his family after all that has taken place recently. They are waylaid by a mob of angry protesters and they try to make their way to the terminal.

Renee's flight arrives and she gets into the terminal and does not realize that she is being followed by Pipeline and Hawkshaw. They are to bring her back to Genosha and they patiently wait for the right moment to grab her. Rictor and Shatterstar try to get through security and they find Shatterstar's blades. The security guard says that he must hold onto them and Shatterstar reluctantly agrees. Rictor gets to the gate and Cable meets him there. Cable apologizes for all the misunderstandings that Rictor and he had. He says he wishes him the best and he will have an open spot on X-Force till he returns. Rictor boards the plane and Shatterstar stares off as the plane takes off.

Cable offers Shatterstar a ride back home and he accepts. They make their way from the gate to the inside terminal area and there is some sort of protest occurring. The room is fully crowded and the team says that this is just asking for trouble having all these people crowded in this room and they realize that no sooner do they think this that the crowd erupts into violence. Pipeline and Hawkshaw grab Renee in the confusion. Cable destroys the laptop that Pipeline was going to use to escape to Genosha. Shatterstar jumps at Hawkshaw and tells him to release Renee. Shatterstar is shot and falls to he ground. Renee fights back and Domino puts in her fight as well. Cable then finishes the job and blasts Pipeline out of the way and saves the security guard. Renee warns Cable that he must tell Professor X of what is going on in Genosha and why she tried to escape.

Back at the X-Mansion, Domino flips through the channels on TV and stops on the news. She hears that the airport story is being covered up as Genoshan terrorists attacked the airport. It seems that Hawkshaw and Pipeline have claimed diplomatic immunity and they will be shipped back to Genosha. Cable goes off to bed and Domino hears the late news story of the "bigfoot" in the Rocky Mountains. A local hunter is interviewed and shows his casting of a footprint. Domino realizes that she has seen this track before and she understands why she was intrigued by the story before. She fears for what will happen to her friend, Grizzly.

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  • X-Force #44 - Rictor's reasons for going back to Guadalajara, Mexico.

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