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Cable is found by Storm outside the X-Mansion. He is upside down and meditating. She talks to him about his son and the destruction that they saw in Akkaba, Egypt. Cable tells her that he just received a postcard in the mail. He says that it is addressed to "Nathan Dayspring" and he says not many people know him by that name. Storm finds this startling and tells Cable to take it to Professor X to see who he thinks wrote it.

Domino meanwhile, has made her way to the Rockies and dodges a bunch of hunters looking for the "Bigfoot" that seems to be roaming the land. She has a fear that she knows this being and thinks it may be her friend, Grizzly. She finally makes it to a clearing in the woods and she finds some tracks. She examines them and finds that they do belong to her friend and she heads off to find his cabin that is nearby.

Professor X reads the postcard that Cable has brought him. He says that it is unsigned but that Cable believes that it is from his son, Tyler. Cable says he does believe this and he says that Cable has a link to things involving "Jenskot's son". Professor X is surprised that Cable referred to Tyler as such. Cable gets upset and just flat out asks Professor X if he can scan for mutants and find Tyler so Cable can put an end to this. Professor X mentions that someone or something has been creating a psionic disturbance on the astral plane and that he would be unable to do this. Cable says he will find someone to do this. He then asks if Professor X has heard from Renee Majcomb after their experience in the JFK airport recently. Xavier tells him that he has not.

Domino finds Grizzly's cabin. She picks the lock and enters the building. She finds that it is in the exact same shape as when she first was here, years ago. She finds an old photo of Cable, Grizzly, and her. She remarks on how they once had nerves of steel and she is troubled that something has happened to Grizzly.

Cable finds Blaquesmith on his ship in Maryland. He is working on finding out who broke into the ship recently and has not had much luck. Cable finds a map of Europe with marks on the Swiss Alps, Geneva, and Paris and wonders who Blaquesmith is tracking. Blaquesmith turns off the screen and says no one. Cable asks Blaquesmith for help in finding Tyler. Cable is told to check out Tyler's sanctuary since Blaquesmith has registered activity there recently. Blaquesmith tells Cable that Genesis is much more powerful than Cable thinks. Cable wonders how Blaquesmith knows of Tyler's name change to Genesis and then heads off to Tyler's sanctuary. Blaquesmith soon sits on the floor and performs a ritual that brings Mother Askani to him. They discuss Cable's lack of understanding his destiny and Mother Askani tells Blaquesmith that Cable's trials have just started.

Domino searches every room in the cabin and has not found Grizzly. She heads up to the attic and begins to think of the nightmares she had as a child about the Bogeyman in the attic. She slowly opens the attic door and shines a light and sees multiple decaying corpses hanging from the ceiling. She realizes that Grizzly is the one that murdered those hunters. She hears a growl from behind her and she turns to see Grizzly has been deformed and he looks like a wild beast. He greets her and says that someone is manipulating him to kill. He says that since she is there that only one of them will be leaving.

Cable makes it to Tyler's sanctuary and he searches for clues. He thinks that no one is home since the place appears to be untouched since the last time he was here. He finds a body of a woman on the ground. He is suddenly surprised to find that the woman that lays before him is his wife, Jenskot. He does not understand what she is doing there since she was killed by the Canaanite army back in his future timeline. He finds that she is still alive.

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