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Synopsis for "Lost Souls"

Grizzly and Domino argue with each other. Grizzly tells her to pull the trigger while she still can. She tells him she cannot and she flips around the room so he cannot catch her. He tells her there is no escape. She makes it to the roof and Grizzly tackles her off the side of the cabin.

Elsewhere, Cable walks into Blaquesmith's ship in Maryland with Aliya in his hands. He hopes that Blaquesmith can save her. He asks Blaquesmith what she is doing here since he watched her die in his future timeline. She wakes up and tells him that she was sent back in time to bring back the man named Cable to save her love, Nathan Dayspring.

Meanwhile, Domino continues to argue with Grizzly about the thought of killing him. She tells him that he needs medical attention. He finally grabs hold of her leg and pins her to the ground. He tells her that "he" is manipulating him still and he is not sure how to fight him. Domino says she will help him and sets off a flash grenade in his face. He tells her that "he" is too strong to fight and she is next. She tells him that she is not about to lose him. She holds a gun at him and tells him that she is not ready to let go of him as a friend. He reaches up and grabs her arm and the gun goes off. Grizzly is shot and Domino screams out. He says that Tyler was manipulating him and that she cannot tell Cable. She holds him until he dies in her arms.

Cable walks the ship deck wondering how Aliya can be alive and if he should go back to the future with her to help her save the "him" of the future, who is a young man. Blaquesmith tells him that "what". He tells Cable that the Clan Askani need him to help her out. Aliya walks out on the deck and says she now knows that Cable is her love, Nathan, as an adult. She tells him that Nathan has gotten ill suddenly on the eve of battle with Stryfe. He does not remember that happening in his past. He also does not remember Aliya ever time-traveling. Blaquesmith tells him that maybe he never knew that it happened and that is why he does not remember it. Cable agrees to go back to his past timeline in the future. Blaquesmith conjures up a power that allows them teleport away. They fade away and suddenly their image is replaced by the image of Mother Askani. Blaquesmith tells her he knows that there is one more task that lays before him.

Domino, meanwhile, has buried her friend, Grizzly. She also torches his old cabin and wonders if she can even ever tell Cable about what has happened here. She then suddenly is hit by a telekinetic blast out of the blue. She looks up and says "Blaquesmith" and asks what he is doing as she teleports away. He mutters, "what".


  • This is the first issue of Cable not to feature its main character on the cover.
  • This issue was published with a card from the Marvel Overpower game.

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