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Aliya and Cable arrive in the Askani timeline when Cable was a young man fighting Stryfe's armies. He and Aliya appear to have come back to this future timeline inside Stryfe's base camp. They discuss strategies on how to get past the army and they share a moment staring into each other's eyes. Suddenly, Domino drops out of the air and hits the ground near them. She stands up and asks them where they are and why she was sent here by Blaquesmith. Aliya tells them to be quiet and jumps into a tree. She knocks out one of Stryfe's soldiers and tells them they are everywhere. They continue on and run into more of his soldiers and they are taken out as well. Domino stops Aliya and asks who she is and Domino realizes that she is Jenskot who would marry Nathan in this timeline. The group sneaks into Stryfe's base and they are stopped by a guard right in front of Stryfe's tent. Cable uses his telepathy on the guard and they sneak by.

Stryfe comes out of his tent sensing something "dangerous". He enters the tent again and reveals that he has captured Tetherblood and tortures him to try to find out what is in the glowing flask that he has obtained from Nathan's camp. He says he does not sense any sentience out of the flask but knows it holds some power for Nathan. He says he will find out sooner or later.

Cable and the others get back to the Clan Chosen's camp. The people are awed that Cable resembles their leader Nathan. They do not realize that he is the adult version of Nathan. They are also greeted by Korless who seems to have been in charge of the clan in their leave. The clan watches as Cable walks by and this gives them new hope for their future. Cable enters Nathan's tent while Domino finds Blaquesmith and questions him about his sending her to this timeline. He says he knows not who she is and she realizes that this timeline's Blaquesmith does not know of her.

Cable looks at his young self and that he will try to help save Nathan. He tries to enter Nathan's mind and Nathan recognizes the pattern of thoughts that are trying to access his mind and he thinks they are Stryfe's. He attacks Cable and Cable takes another approach. He reaches out to the Professor and finds him and at that moment Stryfe sees that the flask grows brighter and Stryfe says that he will attack at dawn.

Blaquesmith tells Domino that if he did bring her to this future it was for a reason and that she will play some part in what is to come. Cable talks to the clan and tells them that they are going to attack at dawn. He then tries to find where Domino has gone off to. He finds her with a gun pointed at Stryfe off in the distance. She cannot pull the trigger and Cable stops her and grabs the gun, which goes off. He says that she cannot change this timeline and that now Stryfe knows where they are. The two head toward Stryfe's camp and enter his tent. They find the Professor in the flask and also find Tetherblood. Korless appears in the tent and says that he is the traitor and that he will be made powerful for this capture by Stryfe. Cable has the Professor bodyslide them to the Chosen's campsite. Stryfe walks in on Korless in his tent and says that he must pay for his arrogance and kills Korless.

Cable gives the Professor to Nathan and says that this was the reason he was growing ill. He learns that there is a physical link between Nathan and the Professor and he assures Blaquesmith that the Professor will remain with him for a long time into the future. Cable walks outside and sees Aliya. He tells her that Nathan will live and Aliya thanks him. Blaquesmith then sends Cable and Domino back to the present and wishes them a safe journey. Cable realizes that he cannot live in the past since there is so much to look forward to in the future.


  • X-Men Anniversary issue
  • Quad-fold cover
  • Silver enhanced foil


  • In spanish edition by Ed. Planeta-DeAgostini (Cable Vol 2 #5), also appeared a review issue about the 35th Marvel Anniversary with its entire history until 1996.

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