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Synopsis for "For Every Action"

X-Man and Cable's first meeting

The story opens with a flashback of the Black Knight and other knights coming across a foreboding door set into the side of a Swiss mountain. A flash to the present reveals that the occupant behind the door is Exodus, who is recuperating from a recent battle.

As Cable flies to confront X-Man, he briefly loses control of his techno virus and telepathy. His mind is flooded with images from X-Man's reality and he wonders about the outcome of his upcoming encounter. Meanwhile, X-Men and Threnody make their way through the snow to Cable's Safehouse 14. Nate is also overwhelmed with telepathic images of Cable's past, though he breaks free of the memories and continues. Cable and Blaquesmith continue to pursue Nate and Threnody until everyone arrives at Safehouse 14. Upon meeting Cable, X-Man attacks him, assuming Cable is responsible for Nate's fluctuating powers. Nate is also distraught by the fact that this reality already has a version of himself. X-Man destroys Safehouse 14, only to be attacked by Exodus when he awakes.


The story continues in X-Man #14.

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